Powersports Distribution Group (PDG) has the ambition to become a strong European and even global player in the distribution of motorcycle parts and accessories. As a leader, PDG takes full responsibility towards sustainability as we believe that sustainability is ‘the new normal’ and a key aspect to realizing our full ambition. Therefore, PDG is committed to proactively work on 4 defined sustainability themes:

  • Reduction of energy use
  • Focus on employee well-being
  • Reduction of transport emissions
  • Sustainable performance in the supply chain

These themes represent our circle of influence, our position in the value chain, as well as our proposition to all stakeholders involved. All are embedded in our day-to-day business as well as our future plans and are supported by our values and philosophy to be ‘powerful as a group and proactive as an entrepreneur’.

Click here to download the full copy of our 2022 Sustainability Report.