In 2021, AFAM GROUP (member of Powersport Distribution Group) started to spark a fire, a new adventure we needed to go on. There was a need to evolve, and we decided to start a new chapter. AFAM GROUP was born.

Becoming a group was crucial to have one unified story that binds everything and everyone together, a group of people who all have their unique style but always stay connected through their passion for motorcycles. Our group stands for a strong alliance and a perfect fit. AFAM GROUP is a house of strong brands. Therefore, we needed to rebrand every product to unlock the full potential of every product and of the AFAM GROUP. ‘This is so much more than a name change. We have paid attention to every individual product, but also to the way we work as a company’

About PDG

Powersport Distribution Group is a leading European group active in the distribution of parts and accessories for motorcycles, headquartered in Breda (the Netherlands). PDG‘s value proposition is to be the preferred partner for its customers and suppliers based on its broad premium product assortment, ease of ordering, availability, service level and perfect fit. PDG is proud to have the most professional and passionate individuals on board, to work with the industry’s most respected brands and to earn the trust of thousands of customers every day.

The Group currently consists of 3 divisions:

(1) General motorcycle aftermarket B2B distribution in the non-metric and metric motorcycle parts & accessories across Europe with Hoco Parts and Motorcycle Storehouse.

(2) Category management with Afam Group, an after-market supplier to European motorcycle parts distributors with transmission & battery brands like AFAM, Nitro and Shido.

(3) Vintage Parts Distribution with CMS, the leading global distributor of vintage Japanese motorcycle parts

PDG is majority owned by Torqx Capital Partners in partnership with management and former owners. For more information, please visit: