Hoco Parts joins forces with Rino Trading

The Hoco Parts brand selection is slated to grow again, thanks to the company’s successful acquisition of Rino Trading. The Belgian company has been an important player in the off-road products market for over forty years. The Hoco Parts headquarters in Barneveld are currently buzzing with activity related to the integration.

With the addition of the Rino Trading brands, Hoco Parts is taking a giant leap forward. The range of products offered by the quality wholesaler of motorcycle parts and accessories has grown since 21 October, which has lead to a considerable growth in off-road in particular. Hoco Parts has now taken over the entire Rino Trading distribution, including products by Putoline, Vertex Pistons, Hot Cams, UFO Plast, HGS Exhaust Systems and Twin Air.

All of Rino Trading’s representatives have been taken on board as employees in the new company structure to guarantee quality and a high level of service, and to ensure that our dealers retain their trusted contacts. Thanks to the expansion of its network of dealers, Hoco Parts plans to focus its efforts in the future on more extensive services for its valued partners.

Arno van de Glind, Managing Director at Hoco Parts: “It goes without saying that we are very proud of this step forward, as it’s a great way to grow our company. Our Hoco Parts range of products is now more complete than ever before, and expanding our network of dealers is an added bonus.”

Tom van Ewijk, owner and director of Rino Trading: Hoco Parts has proven to be a good partner that can ensure the further expansion of the distribution of our brands. We are thrilled that our clients will be experiencing the same high-level quality of service via Hoco Parts that they have come to expect.”

About Hoco Parts

As a quality wholesaler of motorcycle parts and accessories, Hoco Parts has a longstanding history of supplying top-quality products to leading dealers in the field. The Barneveld-based company is part of the Powersports Distribution Group (PDG). PDG now consists of both Hoco Parts and DC Afam. The group offers a wide range of products and operates across Europe.